Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama stages a phoney Iraqi troop photo-op

Once again our President displays his attitude towards the troops as being more of a prop for getting great pictures rather then men and women who make extreme sacrifices each and every day to defend our freedom. News is starting to emerge that Obama's visit with the troops in Iraq last week was a completely crafted and well-organized event from top to bottom. Handlers were sent out ahead of time to screen soldiers by asking them if they voted for Obama, plus they also handed out digital cameras to the troops who were allowed to get up close-and-personnel to the Commander-in-Chief. Damn those nosey bloggers!

“Cam Sham”: Obama’s Photo Op with Cheering, Camera Wielding Troops 100% Staged (RedState)
Military Welcome of President Obama in Iraq Was Staged! (The HinzSight Report)
Obama’s Potemkin Military Reception=No Scandal; Troops Plan Who Will Take What Questions From Bush=Huge Scandal (Flopping Aces)
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Flavor Country said...

When I see Fox News run with the story then it's true Stormin, right-wing blogs with no actual sources......I don't think so.

Flavor Country said...

Secondly we know Bush was accused of the same thing. Lastly they are troops regardless and they were happy to see the president.

Chuck said...

don't remember Bush hand picking his troops?

Flavor Country said...

Here you go Chuck BUSH