Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Arrogant" American crewmembers take back control of ship from Somali pirates

BREAKING NEWS: It is now being reported by the Pentagon that the "arrogant" American crewmembers of a U.S. flagged cargo ship have fought back against their under-privileged and "freedom fighter" Somali pirates and have taken back control of their ship. I'm quite certain that these "arrogant" American crewmen knew that their President would probably be more sympathetic to the cause of the Somali pirates, (ooops, not politically correct), I mean "freedom fighters", and would probably not lift a finger to help them (based upon his pathetic apology tour across Europe) so they decided to take matters into their own hands. BRAVO ZULU to the the "arrogant" Americans.

American Crew Regains Control of Hijacked Ship, One Pirate in Custody (FOX News)
American crew retakes hijacked ship, Pentagon says (CNN)


Flavor Country said...

Is this a post on the ship or Obama?

Do you believe your government has never done anything wrong Stormin or cannot be criticized? He also criticized Europe in the very next sentence.

Being sometimes arrogant has gotten us into conflicts we should never have been in. Can we never criticized or admit wrong?

That is what soured our standing in the world over the years, never willing to admit any wrongdoing.

We blame the government which represents us around the world for our problems here all the time.

He was not talking about the American people but diplomacy from the government.

We as bloggers and American citizens disparage our use of government all the time, but the president should then lie or fail to mention it?


Chuck said...

Actually what Obama is doing now is something I don't ever remember another President doing, criticizing a former President to the rest of the world. I know he has not mentioned Bush's name but what else is this:

He was not talking about the American people but diplomacy from the government.

Is there anyone listening to him that does not know who he is talking about? Obama needs to stand on his own two feet and move on, like he said he would do. Personally, I think he's sounding pathetic.

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... "Do you believe your government has never done anything wrong Stormin or cannot be criticized?"

i crticize our government all the time Flavor, no matter which political party is in control. are we perfect? no, not by a long shot. but we are the greatest nation on earth and we don't have to apologize to anybody, especially europe. europe wouldn't exist today if weren't for us. we have lost 100's of thousands of lives saving their sorry weak asses. our dead soldiers are buried all over europe and our blood is soak in so deep into their soil in defense of their continent. we still have thousands of soldiers over there defending them, so what the hell do we need to apologize to them for. once, just once, i'd love to hear some european leader come to this country and apologize to us for being such a weak continent that has to ask us all the time to fight their wars, solve their regionial conflicts, settle their domestic disputes, feed their people, re-build their infrastructure (i'll bet you we're sending in millions of dollars in aid right now to italy in response to that earthquake), and put money into their economy. how about them apologizing to us for nazism, communism, fascism, socialism, and totalitarism. how about an apology for hitler, mussolini, stalin, lenin, marx, etc.. i'd love to hear an apology from europe for the holocaust and concentration camps. US apologize to THEM! HELL EFFIN NO! we owe them nothing but they owe us everything.

@ Chuck ... your so right.

Flavor Country said...

So it's okay to know our government is at fault for a lot of things, but just don't tell anyone else?

What you said is the very definition of arrogance, don't admit your wrong even when you know you are.

We lead by example.

Principle, honor,respect,integrity,honesty and character is what we were brought up on.

I have had to swallow my pride plenty of times to resolve issues, maybe America needs to do the same so our men don't have to keep dying and fighting wars alone.

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... we don't have to go to europe and air our dirty laundry to the world. we owe europe NOTHING!!! we don't have to apologize to them for ANYTHING!!! this is amazing. right now we have a democrat controlled white house and a democrat controlled congress pumping billions of dollars into troubled banks and corporations. what is their current attitude towards these banks and corporations? WE OWN YOU! YOU TOOK OUR MONEY AND SO NOW WE CAN TELL YOU HOW TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS! IF WE DON'T LIKE HOW YOUR RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS WE'RE GOING TO FIRE YOUR CEO AND TAKE CONTROL! now if that isn't the definiton of ARROGANCE then i don't know what is. but let us send trillions of dollars in aid to europe and sacrifice 100's of thousands of lives of good American soldiers to keep them free and then claim that we're ARROGANT because we don't feel that we adhere to their point of view all the time. give me break. how come Obama feels that he owns every bank and corporation that took his bailout money and that he has a say-so in how they operate but dosen't feel the same about europe?

Flavor Country said...

I know we disagree on this one, but I'm glad to be American where we can have this conversation without punishment.

You arrogant S.O.B :)

Take Care