Friday, April 24, 2009

Did Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) confuse extreme interrogation techniques with "rough sex"?

I'm sure that that is going to be her excuse for approving waterboarding and all other kinds of extreme interrogation techniques. I'm quite sure she thought it was no different then all those kinky sex games that she and her constituents back in San Francisco engage in all the time. She probably left that meeting back in 2002 where she was fully briefed about all the harsh methods that were going to be deployed on all those nasty senior al-Qaida leaders rather sexually excited. She probably ran right home and jumped into her dominatrix costume. I think this was a rather brilliant move by Bush, Cheney, and Rove into tricking her to approve and sign-off on these extreme interrogation methods by making her think that they were just going to use some methods that were no different then the same "rough sex" games that her voting district engage in.

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