Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is Joe Biden on hallucinogenic drugs?

I asked this question a couple of weeks ago about his daughter Ashley. Now I'm beginning to wonder the same thing about Joe Biden. Is he too taking hits off of Michael Phelps's bong pipe? He's going around claiming on CNN that he took President Bush to the woodshed during a private one-on-one meeting in the Oval Office. Only problem is that nobody in Bush's inner circle have any recollection of such a meeting or comment made by Biden.

Rove Calls Biden A 'Serial Exaggerator,' A 'Liar,' & A 'Blowhard' (Townhall)
Bush Aides Challenge Biden's Boasts of Oval Office Slapdowns (FOX News)
Bush aides: Noted plagiarist/moron also a liar (Hot Air)
Rove: Biden should develop a habit of truth-telling (Hot Air)

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