Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is Joe Biden's daughter a cokehead?

Yea, I know that it's only an allegation right now, and it's quite possible that it could be completely false, but hey, I'm running with it. Why? Because if the news were about one of Sarah Palin's kids it would be the story of the year. It would get 24/7 coverage on all the liberal news networks. It would be reported as fact. The Palin family would be portrayed as typical white trash and Sarah Palin would be condemned as the worst mother in the world. So it's about time high profile Democrats like Joe Biden see what it feels like to have your family dragged through the mud before all the facts are in, since there so good at instructing their media pals to do the same to high profile Republicans.

Report: Video for sale allegedly shows Joe Biden daughter, Ashley, snorting cocaine (NY Daily News)
WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Biden’s Daughter Caught Up In Cocaine Scandal (Radar Online)

A song dedication to Ashley Biden.


'Crat Tracker said...

Stormin', spot on with the Palin comparison. No way Ashley will receive the same treatment. Media coverage like that shouldn't happen to any children of politicians, but we know how that turns out...

stormin said...

@ Tracker ... i'm looking at your post about this story right now. it looks like a case of great minds thinking alike.

Flavor Country said...

Wow, conservatives always say liberals play victims, looks like a bunch of whining about fairness in the media.

You can help it, if Sarah Palin is only popular to the conservative base and no one else. Soon she will be about as popular as Cheney, only she won;t even have a clue what she is doing.

You guys better back Romney, it's your only chance.

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... no, we don't say that liberals play victims, we say that liberals want to create victims. and where do you get your information that SP doesn't have a clue about anything? oh that's right. from the liberal mainstream media like Olbermann and Matthews who say she doesn't. i only hope that if the videotape does turn out to be true, that it was Bristol Palin who made it.

Flavor Country said...

Actually I read conservative columnist and republican insider blogs who say while she has great appeal to the masses, she has very little knowledge of government.

Maybe in four years, but not now.

Flavor Country said...

As far as victims you have made Palin one herself now. And you can't deny she has painted herself one numerous times since the election, constantly complaining about the treatment she received.

Either you can handle it or you can't. If the media is so powerful, why did Bush have eight years and a republican congress for six?

Alright, I gotta watch the tournament now, take care.

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