Friday, March 6, 2009

Liberal retard: Execute Rush Limbaugh

It didn't take long for the liberal Democrats to change their tune when it comes to criticizing a sitting President. Just a few short years ago Hillary Clinton screeched to an approving audience that dissent was patriotic and that she and all Americans had every right to question and criticize President George W. Bush and his policies. But of course those sentiments only exist with liberal Democrats until they are in charge. Now dissent isn't patriotic, now it's treasonous. So treasonous that you should be executed for speaking against President Obama.

"If I could say something tonight that gets me that kind of attention, like maybe Rush Limbaugh should be executed for treason. How about that?"
-Stephanie Miller

Video: Stephanie Miller wants Rush executed, Larry King shrugs (Hot Air)

Penn Jillete (of Penn & Teller) makes a great point about how hypocritical liberal Democrats are when it comes to him criticizing Obama as to when he criticized George W. Bush.
(WARNING: A couple of "F" bombs within)


Chuck said...

If you remember, there were a couple of liberal idiots that called for Chaney's execution. Try to execute a man who raped and killed a child and the left raises Hell.

stormin said...

@ Chuck ... misplaced values

Flavor Country said...

Guys let's not lump all people on the left as people who take up for child killers or values that are misplaced.

We have already concluded both sides have wackos. Right wackos will blow up clinics and call all people from the middle east terrorists and left will throw blood on a woman wearing a fur and call for Cheney's execution etc....

there are wackos in the world period. Just because they take up a liberal or conservative cause does not make them one that represents the group.

Take Care

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... it's not that i'm lumping all people on the left to what some leftist wacko says, it's just that the mainstream media seems to promote these wackos (both right and left) as being the face or voice of their ideology. not everybody on the left agrees with Ms. Miller, just like not everybody on the right totally agrees with Rush. ya know people on the right and left can probably go along saying perfectly normal things 99% of the time that never gets reported, but that one time when they may say something outrageous (or what the mainstream media perceives to be outrageous) and then all of a sudden what they said is just pounded upon and blown completely out of distortion and everyone that is affiliated with that persons ideology is condemned to feeling or thinking the same way.

Chris mankey said...

"If you remember, there were a couple of liberal idiots that called for Chaney's execution. Try to execute a man who raped and killed a child and the left raises Hell."

Wow, I wonder how many children Dick Chaney's killed? 10,000? I guess if we should have killed Ted Bundy what should we do to chaney?

stormin said...

@ Chris Mankey ... i totally disagree with your point but if you actually believe that Dick Cheney killed 10,000 children, then so be it. but for those of you on the liberal left that should make him an icon for the pro-choice crowd. after all, your side has murdered 100's of thousands of innocent unborn babies in the womb and who knows how many babies your side has left to die who survived abortion attempts from exposure. so in actuality, you should be praising Cheney instead of condemning him. Thanks for stopping by.

Chuck said...

Chris, where in God's name did you get that number? Sorry, but that's idiotic.

As far as killing children, by the last count I saw the left has about 48 million to their side of the ledger. I think this means your winning.