Monday, March 16, 2009

Liberal Hollywood to Blue States: Don't you dare touch our tax breaks

Oh oh! The liberals are beginning to eat their own. Alec Baldwin is really quite upset that New York governor David Paterson is proposing taking away Hollywood's generous 35% tax credit for filming in his Empire State. Isn't it funny how Hollywood liberals (who are rich by the way) whine and complain about how Republicans give tax breaks to the wealthy but get their panties all into a wad when their precious tax breaks are about to be taken away. Yea, let the corporations, and the producers, and the middle-class, and the small-business owners make the sacrifices by taking their Bush tax-cuts away from them, but leave ours alone because what we do is important and life-changing.

Tax Me If You Can (WSJ Online)
Be Careful What You Wish For (Track-A-'Crat)

Here's another iconic Hollywood liberal, Whoopi Goldberg, whining and bitching about her taxes going up. Her hypocritical rant begins at around the 3.00min point of this video:

Hey Whoopi, why complain then when you claim you don't mind paying a little more since you live a comfortable life and then have a hissy fit about when all your taxes go up. After all Obama specifically targeted you all during his campaign. What, did you just now realize that your one of those individuals who makes over $250,000?


Always On Watch said...

The reality of taking away Hollywood's tax credit couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. **wink**

Flavor Country said...

If you are going to talk about got to use the current way he looks, fat and bloated.