Monday, March 16, 2009

Liberal artist's Obama car to be repossessed

After being fired from her job last year Jennifer Stone-Anderson decided that the best way to earn meaningful income was to paint her whole car into some giant testimonial to Barack Obama rather then going out and looking for a real job. I guess she bought into the hype of "Hope and Change" and figured that Obama would buy her gas and pay her mortgage too, or in her case, pay her car note. Well it turns out for Ms. Stone-Anderson that realities a bitch and so because she hasn't made her car payment for the last three months Chrysler has notified her that her car is to be repossessed.

Artist's Obama painted car to get repossessed in Tampa, Fla. (Chicago Sun-Times)
Woman Paints Her Car Into a Rolling Obama Tribute -- But She's Not Making the Payments (NewsBusters)


Flavor Country said...

Yeah she's a loser. The one thing I can't stand as a liberal myself, is a liberal hippie artist.

I did hear however she might be Palin's campaign manager in 2012 :)

Always On Watch said...

Reality bites, huh?

If Chrysler repossesses the car, some Obamamaniac just may buy it, however.