Monday, March 9, 2009

Undeniable proof of Democrats wanting Bush to fail

From Pattericos Pontifications blog comes more undeniable proof of what a bunch of complete hypocrites the Democrats are in their bitching and moaning about Rush Limbaugh and his wanting Obama to fail comment. In August of 2006 51% of Democrats answered a poll question stating that they hoped President Bush would fail.

Democrats Have No Right To Be Snooty About Rush Not Wanting the President to Succeed (Pattericos Pontifications)
2009: Dems Outraged Radio Show Host Wants Obama's Policies to Fail. 2006: 51% of all Dems Want Bush to Fail During Peak of Iraq War..... (Weasel Zippers)
Guess who also wanted a president to fail? (Hot Air)


Flavor Country said...

So because about 442 private citizen democrats in 96' wanted Bush to fail that speaks for all democrats including media and congress etc.....

This can't compare with Limbaugh who speaks to millions daily along republican leaders saying they agree with him.

A poll can't fuel fires strong voices and elected leaders can.

Hypocrisy is a common flaw of man, but fueling dissension is a norm for Limbaugh and the GOP.

Danielk said...

Well heck, why did you guys keep calling it treason then?

stormin said...

@Danielk ... who are the "you guys" your referring too?

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... not making comparisons. just pointing out that Dems did it too and first, and asking what their getting so uptight about.

Chuck said...

Stormin, I posted the dame thing today. Wanting Bush to fail is ok, wanting Obama to fail is UnAmerican

Flavor Country said...

Hey Chuck, they are both wrong which why both can be stories. No one should want failure from our presidents no matter what you agree or disagree with.

Hopefully conservatives called out any Dems who wanted Bush to fail back then.

And now Dems are calling out the conservatives who are doing the same to Obama.

Showing us this does not change the fact that so many conservatives are on board with Limbaugh, instead of showing two wrongs let's call out Rush and any of the Dems who wanted Bush to fail too.

Wrong is wrong. Where there any democrat leaders that said they wanted Bush to fail that are calling conservatives traitors for doing the same?