Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Russian Bear vs. The Man from ACORN

The Russians had no problem in kicking our military out of Kyrgyzstan without so much as a whimper of protest from the Obama administration. Then Obama offered a quid pro quo to Russia to pull our plans for a missile defense shield out of Eastern Europe. In light of all of this, the Russians realize what a complete lightweight their dealing with at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and they now feel confident enough to park their long-range bombers in our backyard. I'm sure that President Obama will respond to this threat by mobilizing his street agitators to picket the Russian embassy with all kinds of nasty and threating protest signs.

The Cold War Take Two: Chavez And Castro To Host Russian Bombers - With Video (Pat Dollard)
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Report: Cuba, Venezuela could host Russian bombers (AP/Yahoo News)
America’s strength in the eyes of our enemies? Zer-O (Stop the ACLU)
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Will this be the Obama approach to the Russians?


Chuck said...

Stormin, I think you nailed it. This is the equivalant of the 90 lb weakling getting sand kicked in his face at the beach.

Flavor Country said...


Bush already got dragged up and down the beach when Russia pounced on Georgia like a drunk girl at a frat party.

"Already rebuffed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Bush warned Russia to change course and respect the borders of its Georgian neighbor."

What did they do after that his warning. They told Bush to kiss their ass and kept up their attack.

This move in Cuba is just talk to try and have an agreement with the Missie thing in Europe and you know it.

Take Care Guys

stormin said...

@ Chuck ... well said.

@ Flavor C ... NEWS FLASH: Bush isn't President anymore. why is it that every response from the left to how Obama is handling a crises always have to be about Bush? BUSH, BUSH, BUSH. at what point is Obama and his supporters going to get Bush out of their lexicon?

Flavor Country said...

My point Stormin is nothing has happened with Russia and Chavez other than a conversation. So where is the not scared of Obama stuff coming from?

I pointed out Bush because you and Chuck were making it seem as if the Russia were calling him out. So was Bush some wimp with the Georgia situation? No not in my opinion. Iran, North Korea, Saddam etc.... called out Bush too does that make him a wimp? No

So why attack Obama because you don't like his policies? Bush was disrespected plenty of times during his presidency, did you call him weak or a push over too?

If you don't like his policies cool, but target him on real issues like abortion, stem cell, his war on terror etc... but this is weak at best.

The best conservatives have recently is bad gifts, using a teleprompter, he has a bad salute etc..... that's the best you guys got?

That was my point.

Take Care, still my buddy though :)

Shane said...

Flavor Country has a point - after the left destroyed the credibility of this nation to stand up to dictators and thugs, President Bush found that all he could do as Putin savaged Georgia was threaten them with "Hope and Change."

What did they do after his warning? They told Bush to kiss their ass and kept up their attack.

Hey libs - you see what happens when you make American the warmonger and folks like Putin victims of American "imperialism?" You get thugs running rampant - maybe someday they'll kill somebody you care about.

I hope that check from Obama was worth it...

Chuck said...

Flavor, I easily admit I am partisan and will be quicker to attack Obama than Bush but I can tell you I was not impresed with Bush's handling of N Korea, Iran, Venezuela, or Russia. I thought he did a terrible job and let them get away with too much. With that said, you have to admit he did not have Russian bombers parked just off of Miami beach. I stand by my assessment that they take Obama far less seriously than they did Bush and realize he is a man they can push around.

Flavor Country said...

Your right Chuck no bombers park off the coast of was Russian warships.

"Asked about a Russian warship transiting the Panama Canal earlier this month, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice - who saw the ship while crossing the canal last week - told The Associated Press: "I guess they're on R&R. It's fine."

I guess their fine. Tough talk
Also Obama has no bombers. They have expressed interest. It has not happened. They have talked.

We will wait and see if the Russians own Obama as they did Bush.

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... there's a HUGE difference between Russian warships transiting through the Panama Canal then Russian warships homeporting in Cuba. we can't tell warships of other nations where they can and cannot travel. as long as their lawfully operating in international waters then theres nothing we can do or gripe about. but as Chuck said before the Russians and other un-friendly nations do have less fear of Obama then they had of Bush. at least Bush was known throughout the world as a man who had no qualms about using his big stick if he needed too. his responses to Iran, NK, Venezuela, and Russia may have been what some people would consider unsatisfactory but you have to admit that he did have a lot on his plate already with Iraq and Afghanistan. if Obama responds to this Russian threat properly by standing up to the Russians then i'll give him his kudos. but if he tries to deal away our missile defense every time the Russians pull a stunt like this then he's sitting himself up to be rolled by every nation on earth that wishes to take shots at us. best wishes!