Monday, March 16, 2009

Olbermann exposes Cheney's death squads

Keith Olbermann has got to have the sickest mind of any liberal journalist (and I use that term loosely) on the face of the planet. His hatred of Cheney/Bush knows no limits. So much so that he'll report any preposterous allegation as being fact all in an attempt to tar and feather the Bush administration. Keith's source for this bombshell revelation is the impeccable Seymour Hersh. Is it any wonder why MSNBC's ratings are always in the crapper?

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Keith Olbermann Counts Down Cheney Assassinations (RedState)

It would seem that SNL wasn't too far off with this impersonation.


Chuck said...

I actually used to watch MSNBC long ago. They were my source of news for 9/11. Olbermann and Matthews turned into such nutjobs I turned them off and found Fox. Haven't watched them since. You are right about their ratings, they're effectively a fringe network.

Debbie said...

They care more about supporting Obama than they do getting good ratings, increasing viewership, and their own jobs. Very sad.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth