Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama & Democrats use AIG scam to shred the Constitution

Obama and the Democrats couldn't even wait two whole months before they found a way to create a controversy in this AIG scam, and then use it in order to stomp all over the Constitution. This is nothing but an attempt to seize unprecedented power to go after private citizens and unfortunately a lot of stupid Americans are falling for it.

If you really want to take the time to learn what you really need to know about this whole AIG scam, then you need to listen to all four parts of this segment by Mark Levin. Mark Levin is not just a Constitutional expert, he's a Constitutional genius. Here is Part 1 of 4:

Part 2 or 4 (YouTube)
Part 3 of 4 (YouTube)
Part 4 of 4 (YouTube)

Here's the hypocrite-in-chief faking outrage at the AIG bonus controversy, after he ordered Sen. Dodd (D-CT) to write into the stimulus bill the very law that made the bonus payout legal and lawful. Plus all news outlets report that he and the Fed, and the Treasury, and the Congress were all completely aware of the upcoming bonus payout months in advance.

And it's all just a well-crafted scheme in order to distract you from Obama doing things like this.


Flavor Country said...

Dems and 50% of republicans also.

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... only 3 republicans in the entire congress (both House and Senate) vote for passage of Obama's stimulus package and that's 50%? funny how now that the Dems are in complete control of DC (White House, Senate, and House) and now all the blame is even-steven.

Flavor Country said...

You know what Stormin I been back and forth conservative blogs, might have gotten yours mixed up, I was referring to 90% tax on bonuses they were doing.

I do make mistakes from time to time you know :)