Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pelosi's (D-CA) own personal Air Force

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) screams and hollers when corporate CEO's fly around the country on private jets but have absolutely no problem demanding that the U.S. Air Force provide her with a luxury G5 to tool her and her family around the country for personal reasons.

Judicial Watch Uncovers Documents Detailing Pelosi's Repeated Requests for Military Travel (Judicial Watch)
Criminal Hypocrite: Pelosi Wastes More Of Your Money On Private Jets Than Any CEO (Pat Dollard)
Pelosi's Unprecedented Requests for Military Travel (Wizbang)
Report: Most ethical Speaker evah “treats the Air Force like her personal airline” (Hot Air)


Flavor Country said...

Politicians love freebies, the question is why would the military allow her to do this?

If it's not serious official business she has no reason to be doing this. Ridiculous

Believe me I am no fan of Pelosi, she is way to partisan......just like most republican leaders :)

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... i have no problem with high level, upper echelon government officials using military transport as long as it's official government business. i understand the need for security. BUT, using this aircraft as a personal tool just to shuttle you back and forth to your home every weekend is blatant misuse of government assets. take care!

Chuck said...

I agree the Speaker should be flown by military jet, not to be used as a private fleet though. As far as the Air Force, why are they allowing this? Likely because she controls their budget.

Flavor Country said...

Looks like the story was blown out of proportion now. Looks like Hastert traveled a lot more than she.

Check it out.

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... so i guess what HOPE and CHANGE really meant was "i HOPE we win and then we can CHANGE who's abusing their power in Washington".

@Chuck ... yea, they do control the purse strings i'm sure.