Friday, March 20, 2009

Smarter then Bush? ... pt. 5

A couple of gaffes this week from the most brilliant President in our nations history. First, President Obama took a little time off from his busy schedule of tanking our economy and encouraging you to pick up the phone and call in death threats to AIG employees in order to make fun of the mentally challenged.

Towards the end of his approximately 40-minute appearance, the president talked about how he’s gotten better at bowling and has been practicing in the White House bowling alley.

He bowled a 129, the president said.

“That’s very good, Mr. President,” Leno said sarcastically.

It’s “like the Special Olympics or something,” the president said.

Now we all can understand a little better why Obama thought it was OK to attack Sarah Palin's down-syndrome baby. I guess now that the Dems are in control we can all make jokes about the mentally handicapped.

Secondly, we learned that that well thought out gift of 25 DVD's to Prime Minister Gordon Brown were in the wrong format.

Alas, when the PM settled down to begin watching them the other night, he found there was a problem.

The films only worked in DVD players made in North America and the words "wrong region" came up on his screen. Although he mournfully had to put the popcorn away, he is unlikely to jeopardise the special relationship – or "special partnership", as we are now supposed to call it – by registering a complaint.

Perhaps Bud Light can bring back their "Real Men of Genius" ad campaign with the Obama administration as it's subjects.


Flavor Country said...


My fingers hurt from typing on Chucks
blog. My reply on his would be the same on yours. :)

Take Care

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... just finished reading your reply to Chuck but your missing the point. Bush was an idiot, remember? Bush was suppose to say stupid things and the liberal media reminded us all the time what a complete moron he was. Obama on the other hand is smarter than Eienstein. Obama's not suppose to say ignorant things or do ignorant stuff. Obama's showing that he's about on the same IQ level as Bush each and every day. now which is it? is Obama as dumb as Bush, or is Bush as smart as Obama?

Chuck said...

Hey Flavor, I can cut and paste for you if you would like :-)

The thing about this guys is that stupid, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

See you both around.

Pro said...

He has hurt many families in America. He needs to say he is sorry in the public, not to an organization.

In addition, someone who claims to have experienced prejudice and stereotypes throughout life, and has written about them in great detail, should be more sensitive and refined from life's lessons.

Furthermore, Obama claimed he was going to have the world think 'highly' of America again. Will this joke help?

For someone who spoke of equality as a creed. Does this joke match that philosophy?

For someone that said he would stand for all people. Does this stand up for those that participate in the special Olympics?

The fact is Obama claimed a higher standard. To much is given, much is required.

Obama has just showed us that 'yes we can' destroy what a campaign stands for with a single joke.

During the campaign for the White House in 2008, the media criticized Palin for being ‘common,’ 'not-polished,' 'not-compassionate' and ‘not presidential.’ However, compare Sarah Palins attitude in this video created three weeks ago for the Special Olympics in Boise, Idaho.

You decide the more ‘presidential’ among them. Watch:

stormin said...

@ Pro ... very very well said. thnaks much for your great comment and please come back again.