Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama's tax-cheat administration ... pt. 3

President Obama can now add another name to his administration of shame, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, who is Obama's choice to head Health and Human Services. According to news reports Gov. Sebelius and her husband had to pay back over $7,000.00 in back taxes, plus $878.00 in interest for the years 2005-2007. She would be Obama's sixth tax-cheat nominee.

Another Obama Nominee Has Tax Issues (CBS News)
Sebelius Failed to Pay Taxes (The Weekly Standard)
Another Obama Cabinet Nominee Didn't Pay Taxes on Time (Wizbang)
And now the SIXTH Obama Cabinet nominee, HHS nominee Kathleen Sebelius is a tax cheat! (Fire Andrea Mitchell)

According to the Fire Andrea Mitchell blog, Obama's honor roll of tax-cheats are:
Tom Daschle, the first HHS nominee,
Chief performance officer nominee Nancy Killefer.
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner,
US Trade Representative Ron Kirk
Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’s (husband)


Chuck said...

I think he's giving Clinton a run for his money on nominating people with legal trouble. It's becoming a cliche.

Of course with the libs breaking the law has become a none issue. All of a sudden cheating on your taxes is not even newsworthy.

stormin said...

@ Chuck ... and still they go around claiming to be the most ethical administration and congress ever!

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