Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama bows before Saudi King Abdullah

I would actually go so far as to call it a semi-curtsy. A U.S. President does not bow before any other head of state. Somebody in the State Department needs to seriously get a hold of President Obama and give him some intense tutoring on how to behave before he meets another foreign leader. Oh wait, scratch that. They don't even know the correct phone number to give out when directing the press to join in on a conference call. I guess we're screwed folks.

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HISTORY LESSON: Remember the beating the press gave President Bush over this.


Chuck said...

Thought of the Bush incident when I read about this on another site. Remember though, if it's criticism of Obama then your being petty.

Flavor Country said...

Both were petty guys. This you know is because of the Muslim thing with Obama, the Bush thing was something I can't explain.

but both are not newsworthy at all.
It killed how sites like WMD made it all conspiracy like though.

Have a good weekend. Might not hear from me, helping a friend move.

Oman said...

He did not bow to The Queen who was his host in England. So why bow to King Abdullah who like him was another guest.
Perhaps he was looking at Seniority

In terms of seniority she has ruled since 1952 and Abdullah since 2005

She is a direct descendant of the first King of what became England Cerdi King of Wessex about 495AD

His first claimed ancestor is Mani' ibn Rabi'ah al-Muraydi 1446AD and his first ancestor who ruled as a King from 1744 Muhammad ibn Saud (probably more realistically 1819 by Amir Turki ibn Abdullah bin Muhammad) and certainly Abdullah’s father Abdul-Aziz in 1902.

So if you look at the most definite claim to rule a Kingdom by the Saudis in 1902 her family have ruled for 1400 years longer.

So why bow to this new King of a new Kingdom who was a guest like yourself and not bow to your host, a far more senior ruler and whose family are far more established as rulers.

Perhaps he was considering the fact that having conquered independent states in the mid 20thc (Hijaz, Asir, Najran etc) that the Al Saud now call the country after themselves ‘Saudi Arabia ‘ – Perhaps it would go down better if Britain was called Windsori Britain.

Certainly he would not have reflected on the recent conquests of the Al Saud family over much of the Arabian Peninsular while the democratic British dismantled a substantial Empire during the same period.
Britain and the US are most probably each others closest allies and The Queen is the Head of State of that close democratic country , with a democratically elected government.

Obama claims to be a Protestant Christian not a Muslim. Queen Elizabeth is head of the Protestant Church of England as her family have been for 450years.
As President of the USA there is no need for him to bow to any monarch – but why ‘KowTow’ to the Al Saud?

stormin said...

@ Oman ... thanks for your comment, i really enjoyed it. please come back and post more often.