Saturday, April 18, 2009

Janeane Garofalo isn't a brain surgeon ... but she plays one on TV

Failed actress, comic, and radio personality Janeane Garofalo gives her expert medical opinion as to why white Republican conservatives hate blacks, immigrants, gays, you name it, on a failed TV show, hosted by a failed sportscaster, on a failed news network. The segment is over 8 minutes in length (and I have to admit that even I couldn't stomach the whole thing) but try to watch.

Liberal actress says tea parties were racist (The Washington Times)
Lou Dobbs Rips Olbermann, Garofalo, and MSNBC! (Olbermann Watch)
So I’m a Racist Now, Janeane? (Sirius Thought: The Comedy Stylings of KJH)
Video: Red Eye, Mark Levin, Fox & Friends dump all over Olby and Garofalo (Hot Air)
Self-proclaimed neurosurgeon Janeane Garofalo contradicts herself (Stormin's Morning Java)

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Flavor Country said...

No arguments here Stormin, she is an idiot.