Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guess what you civil rights wackos? Obama to end legal counsel during police questioning

Don't get me wrong. I'm no huge advocate for criminals who boo-hoo's for their rights. But we do live in a country where you are presumed innocent and you are entitled to legal representation during the whole criminal justice process, including having a lawyer present during police questioning, if you so request it. That is unless Obama gets his way.

Barack Obama administration seeks to change police questioning law (UK Telegraph)
U.S. challenges Michigan v. Jackson (SCOTUS Blog)
Obama Legal Team Seeks To Limit Defendents' Right To Not Be Questioned Without Lawyer (Huffington Post)

C'mon all you civil rights activist wackos, liberal loons, far-left extremists, and Obama zombies! Let's hear and see your outrage on this one! Just imagine Olbermann and Matthews on this one if it were Bush who were trying to do this. This would be the story that would finally causes their *heads to explode* on-the-air.


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Flavor Country said...

maybe we can waterboard their ass now! :)