Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bush jailed more whites then blacks for drug use

A new study reports that during the Bush years the use of crack cocaine declined, and that courts sentenced more whites then blacks to prison for drug use. So, will Bush get credit from minorities for being more fair and evenhanded about the racial equality in how law enforcement and the courts policed, prosecuted, and sentenced drug users during his administration?

New Findings: Sharp Decline in Black Incarceration for Drug Offenses (The Sentencing Project)
Study: More whites, fewer blacks going to prison for drugs (CNN)
A Racial Shift in Drug-Crime Prisoners (Washington Post)
Decline in Blacks in State Prisons for Drugs (New York Times)


Flavor Country said...

The report also said the rise of Meth is one factor for more Whites being incarcerated and also that so many Blacks are currently incarcerated that there is not as many to arrest.

Then it said that dealers have shifted to indoors vs outdoors making it harder for police to catch.

While the decline in racial profiling also plays some part in the decline, I will have to give that credit to the cities and community's police agencies.

So the picture for your post is still appropriate.

stormin said...

well i look at it this way: Bush jailed more whites then blacks no matter what the reason. as far as i'm concerned i don't care what your skin color is. drugs are a scourge upon this earth and anyone involved in it (suppliers and users) should be put away. i'll gladly pay higher taxes if it means more prisons for the criminal elements of this society.

Flavor Country said...

We are in total agreement

Chuck said...

I have to go with minorities on one issue, the crack v powder coke sentencing. There has been (going on before Bush) a stiffer penalty for crack convictions than powder. There has been accusations that crack is used more in minority communities and powder more among whites. Therefore minorities are punished more severely than whites. I have always had an issue with this. I think we need to sentence powder abusers as severely as crack, no difference IMHO. They may have changed this?

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