Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kim Jong Il tells the UN to go screw itself

The United Nations Security Council (what a joke) held an emergency meeting today to try and draft an angry response to Kim Jong Il for firing a long-range ballistic missile, because we all know how terrified dictators of third world countries are of hearing that the United Nations is mad at them. After hours and hours of meaningless discussions the useless UN emerged from behind closed doors with the same typical results: NOTHING!

I'm quite sure that this is how Kim Jong Il would respond to any action coming from the UN.


Chuck said...

Amazing that you were able to obtain this video. It's funny how a little nobody in a country who's people are starving and freezing to death can flip off the UN like this. It's almost as if the UN is irrelevant.

stormin said...

video is from the great minds who also created South Park. it goes beyond pushing the envelope in how it depicts liberal Hollywood.