Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everything Obama knows about war he learned while watching "Hogans Heroes"

President Obama is about to turn the world's greatest intelligence gathering organization that we must have in order to fight terrorism (ooops! my bad) "man-made disasters" into a eunuch. The CIA is going to be scared to death now to do it's job while wondering in the back of their minds if their boss is going to go after them. During his speech to the CIA on Monday President Obama made the following comment:
But I'm sure that sometimes it seems as if that means we're operating with one hand tied behind our back, or that those who would argue for a higher standard are naive. I understand that. You know, I watch the cable shows once in a while.

I suppose he was talking about the late-night reruns of "Hogans Heroes" on TV Land.

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Flavor Country said...

My only problem with torture in America is........we agree not to do it.

We are a nation of honor and integrity where others are not. If we never intended on honoring those laws we never should have written them for ourselves and also not agreed not to do it with other nations, that's it.

If we can't be trusted to honor and agreement, then we are no different than others, no matter what we say or do.

I have no problem with torture. If torture keeps my Son safe I would do it myself to those who deserve it, but when I do it, do I then say I should not be prosecuted for breaking the law?

It's a touchy subject, but the law is the law, are we not a nation of laws?

If we do not want to adhere to torture laws, we should not lie about it like Bush did and just rescind our affiliation with the Geneva Convention.

When we lie to the American people and the world about torture, all it does is makes us look like everybody else.

Chuck said...

Flavor, I'm not disputing your position, I have a tendancy to agree.

My belief is that a lot of this stuff done was not truly torture. It really does come down to semantics. The question is why does Obama, or the rest of the left, have more moral authority than Bush to determine what is torture?

Clearly we cannot just allow an administration to decide for themselves what they are comfortable with and do it. Who determines what it is though? The UN, Amnesty International, the World Court? All of these bodies ignore much worse from other members of their respective organizations yet accuse us of torture.

Finally there is a question of which is the greater offense, doing whatever it takes to protect our children or not doing so and letting them be harmed? It's not a question with an easy, or fair, answer.

Without belittling it, the issue is akin to Monday quaterbacking. Bush "tortured" (using the left's definition) and we did prevent people from being harmed. It's easy to be against it now that we are safe. What questions do we ask if he had not done it, the terrorists would have carried out their plans, and 2,000 people died in LA? Or put another way. If we could have tortured Bin Laden in 2000 or early 2001 and found about plans to fly planes into the World Trade Center?

It is an old dilemma. Before 9/11 the issue was Hitler, in other words, If you could go back in time and kill Hitler before he came to power...

Don't take this as an attack on your position friend, I don't have any brilliant answers either. Just food for thought.

Flavor Country said...

Bush himself defined water boarding as torture. Water boarding is a technique we agreed not to do with other nations.

Because he told of a plan on L.A. does not mean it had any real traction for being carried out.

Do you have any idea how many plans there are out there to attack this country? The argument can also be made just as many or more plans have been thwarted with normal interrogation techniques.

In order to protect my son I don't just grab a bunch of child molesters off the street and torture to find out if they had any plans to do harm to him. I make sure he is protected and has the knowledge of what to do when he feels threatened.

Not an expert either Chuck, I just believe in honor and not lying and breaking laws in chance I might do something good.