Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Best Buy President

Our current President sure does love to give gifts to foreign heads of state that really require a lot of thought and planning. First he gave British Prime Minister a gift of 25 DVD's that turned out to be in the wrong format. And now today he gives the Queen of England the priceless gift of an iPod, with Obama's greatest hits on it. Can't this man buy a gift for a foreign leader from someplace other then Best Buy or Circuit City.

Smart power: Obama gets the queen … an iPod (Hot Air)
'The Gift of the iPod' - A New Hallmark in International Diplomacy (Dan Cleary)
More Obama foreign policy gaffes on eve of G20 (or how the Queen got her 2nd iPod) (Wellsy's World)


Flavor Country said...

I just posted a story on this too, the Queen requested the I-pod with the video.

The gift they gave her was an autographed rare song book from Richard Rodgers of Rodgers and Hammerstein. She is a fan of musicals.

You got watch more than Fox News Stormin! :)

Chuck said...

My thought is that he has a Rewards Zone card from Best Buy. Can hardly blame him, you get points for purchases.