Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama plays Top Gun ... buzzes lower Manhattan with Air Force One

Obama's FAA and Air Force scare the s%!t out of New York office workers by flying Air Force One, escorted by an F-16, low over Manhattan in what was described by the the FAA as a "photo-op". I'm sure they got a lot of great pictures of people running out of their office buildings, screaming and hollering.

Low-Flying Plane Over Manhattan Was a 'Photo Op' (WSJ Online)
Smart power: White House freaks out New York with low altitude fly-by; Video: Panicked NYers run in the streets; Update: Obama “furious” (Hot Air)
UPDATE: Robert "Sgt. Schultz" Gibbs gives his "I know nothing" defense.

Here are my "just piling on" posts:
Video: Obama's secret "photo-op" mission panics New York City
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personal trainer new orleans said...

Many New Yorker no doubt revisited the horror of 9/11. Who will get the blame, I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Bush's fault.

bethtopaz said...

A comment from as to the "photo op."

If that was a photo op, where was the plane taking the photos? I assume you want a photo of the Air Force One from the side with the skyline in the background, but the trailing F-16 could not have served in this role, as it was behind the 747. So where is the aircraft that was taking these photos?

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Chuck said...

My impression is that Gibbs is confused by the notion of explaining an action. Doesn't this reporter know they are the most transparent administration ever? They don't explain things.