Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Al Sharpton compares "so-called" Somali pirates to our Coast Guard

Only in the sick racist mind of one-time Democrat Presidential candidate Al Sharpton can come the delusional ravings that Somali pirates aren't really pirates, just a "voluntary Coast Guard", mush like our own (that hijacks ships, holds hostages, and demands million dollar ransoms). Oh, you didn't know that our voluntary Coast Guard did the same thing.

Beyond Parody, Part II (Power Line)
'VOLUNTARY COAST GUARD' (The Radio Equalizer)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he says "they refer to themselves as..." and I see no comparison to OUR Coast Guard...where are you inferring that from?

It's hard to spin the original source when one can play it and judge clearly...

Flavor Country said...

J.C. I noticed the same thing. Hot and other tried that too. He says "they call themselves voluntary coast guards".

He himself did not call them that. It's no one listened to the audio clip.

While I am no Al Sharpton fan, I will not put words in the man's mouth that he himself did not utter.

stormin said...

@ J.C. & Flavor C ... i think you both need to listen again to what Al actually said. here's a transcript of his exact quote from The Radio Equalizer blog:

SHARPTON (12:08): You can call me now at 1 877 532 5797, (to say) something about the so-called pirates. They call themselves voluntary Coast Guards in Somalia, which may be more apt. Ah, whatever your view.

Now you both may be technically correct that the Somali pirates said that they were a "voluntary Coast Guard" not Al Sharpton, BUT, when Al makes the comment "which may be more apt", then he his saying that he agrees with that term and that he too feels that they are just a "voluntary Coast Guard". why else would he refer to them as "so-called pirates".

Flavor Country said...

No Stormin he said WHATEVER YOUR VIEW IS, not "I think they are cost guards".

Like I said I am no fan of Sharpton. He also went to condemn what they are doing in that same show.

You once yourself told me clips and snippets can always be taken out of context.

Now if you listened to that whole show and got that he supported them, then we can debate further.