Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Olbermann: RNC's 9/11 tribute video outrageous, Sykes 9/11 joke "probably in bad taste"

I'm quite sure everyone remembers the touching and tastefully done 9/11 tribute video that was shown last year at the Republican National Convention. I'm also quite sure that everyone remembers the fake outrage that was shown by MSNBC's Keith Olbermann as he put on an on-the-air ratings grabbing phony meltdown. This turned out to be the final straw with the suits over at the adult wing of the network, NBC, who then fired Olbermann (and Matthews) for their on-the-air biases and childishness.

Just this past weekend, Keith Olbermann was in attendance at the White House Correspondents Dinner. He had a front row seat in which to hear Wanda Sykes tell her totally classless and tasteless 9/11 joke. After the dinner was over Keith Olbermann was asked by CBS News correspondent, Harry Smith, what he thought of Ms. Sykes 9/11 joke. Here's what he said:

'I'm not sure, I think that was probably -- probably in bad taste.'

So in the sick demented mind of Keith Olbermann showing a video that honors 9/11 is completely outrageous, but telling jokes about 9/11 is "probably", not quite sure, in bad taste. And get Harry Smith, will ya. Harry Smith thinks telling 9/11 jokes is OK also because that's just what comedians do.

Why don't we ask White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, what President Obama thought of Ms. Sykes 9/11 joke.

Oh really Gibby? That's not what Ms. Sykes is saying.


Flavor Country said...

Why are you focusing on Olbermann when he actually said it was in poor taste? He may not have said it how you like it but he certainly did not support it.

On the other hand Smith basically supported it and had no problem with it. That's the person who deserved criticism in this video.

Chuck said...

The real question is what was his reaction at the time? It's easy to say now that it was tasteless but was he laughing at it?

I love the sensitivity on the left.

Rush says he wants Obama to fail in his push for socialism and the far left media misquotes him and runs with it for weeks. The DNC put up a billboard outside his house. Okay, so it was his old house, the DNC are idiots.

Obama yuks it up over a joke that Rush should die a slow agonizing death and the first day of criticism the left is whinning about it and digging up old Bush quotes.

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... i'm focusing on Olbermann firstly because i personally detest the man. secondly because he had such an on-air temper tantrum about that 9/11 tribute video at the convention, but then he "thinks" but he's "not sure" that Sykes' 9/11 joke was "probably" in bad taste. i did mention Harry Smith also but i don't despise him as much as i do Olbermann.

@ Chuck ... i'm quite sure he was laughing his ass off and then praying later that there was no camera on him.