Saturday, May 9, 2009

Obama & Pelosi turn the CIA into the CYA

This is just an absolute shame. Instead of spending all of their valuable time gathering pertinent information that could be used to help prevent another 9/11, now our CIA has to spend all of their time gathering as much information that they can get their hands on in order to prove that they fully informed members of Congress on their program of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. While terrorists are plotting, the CIA is digging up old memos. While terrorists are scheming, the CIA is plowing through old files. While terrorists are meeting in remote hideouts in order to concoct their next terrorists attack, CIA officials are probably lawyering up just in case the Justice Department changes it's mind and decides to come after them. Our intelligence guard is down right now because Obama and Pelosi want to play political games with the CIA. I'm quite sure that now the terrorists feel that this is the best time to hit us while the CIA is being completely distracted from their real jobs of keeping us safe instead of having to waste their time dumping documents onto the Washington Post.

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