Thursday, May 7, 2009

The intolerant left's jihad against Carrie Prejean continues

The jihad against Miss California, Carrie Prejean, by the hate-filled-frothing-at-the-mouth al Qaeda types who speak for and represent the entire left is at it again. First they released a semi-nude photo of Ms. Prejean on May 5th. Today they have decided to roll out another. This one's no worse then the first. Exact same pose except she's looking over her left shoulder instead of her right. All this time and effort to humiliate and destroy somebody over their belief in "traditional marriage" between a man and a woman. All this hate and vindictiveness coming from the left simply because she gave an honest answer to a question given to her by an angry, militant, fascist, Christian-hating gay activist. All this hate coming from a group of individuals who come from a political ideology that professes caring, love, tolerance, inclusiveness, hope and change. That is until you say something that they don't agree with. Then their going to open up the gates of hell and release the full force of destruction upon you.

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I just wonder where President Obama stands on this matter. Does he support Ms. Prejean, who expressed the exact same view on marriage that he did, or does he side with those on his side of the political fence who are trying to destroy her. I would love for some White House correspondent to pose that question to him.

Is Ms. Prejean wrong for having semi-nude photos taken of her while professing to be a Christian? Yes. Was Ms. Prejean wrong for not being completely honest about these pictures when asked? Again, Yes. Is it right to go about and try to completely destroy her because of it? NO! Let's be honest about something here. Perez Hilton had an agenda against Carrie Prejean. He researched her and what he found out about her in his research he did not like. He knew from the get-go that she attended a Bible College and that she had Evangelical Christian beliefs. Therefore he set out to ask her a question in which to trap her. If she answered his question the way she did, he was going to destroy her as an anti-gay hating bigot. If she answered the question the way he claims she should have answered it, then he was going to set about destroying her as a hypocritical liar. So no matter how she answered his question, she was doomed.

As Gay Issues Arise, Obama Is Pressed to Engage (NY Times)

UPDATE: Here's TMZ getting in on the act.


Chuck said...

I think it's time to turn the tables on the SOB's. Someone on the right needs to dig into Fairy Hilton's background and release some dirt. Think he has anything in his past? We might start seeing an end to this nonsense.

Flavor Country said...

Hey guys,

Unfortunately Chuck there is probably nothing that this nasty little fudge packer has done that everyone already knows or that he is ashamed of.

I am with you guys on this one. Any person who attack this woman for an honest answer and respectful answer is just plain stupid.

In defense of the pictures though Stormin the folks who published these are not liberal or conservative just idiots who own a dot/com site. They have go after Obama and liberal celebs in their post also. With this they knew they hit gold. Everyone is trying to go to their site to get the pics first.

I wished she had told the truth about these photos though, she know runs the risk of punishment because she lied to the committee about posing semi-nude pics.

Anyhow, this actually has turned out to be good for her attention wise. She is getting a lot of offers and getting plenty of exposure which in her business is good.