Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kim Jong Il tells the UN to go screw itself ... pt. 2

So Kim Jong Il detonates a nuclear bomb late Sunday night, then follows that up with the launching of a few short-range missiles. Naturally the U.N. is going to step up and smack him down real good for this, right? Wrong. As is always the case with this worthless organization, they wag their collective finger in Kim's face and draft a nasty, strongly worded letter of condemnation to him, telling him how upset he has made them, and if he doesn't behave himself then there going to get really really angry at him and tell him to take a "time out" and go sit in the corner. How does Kim respond to this show of world resolve and toughness? He tells the feckless U.N. to go screw itself and then proceeds to fires off some more short-range missiles this morning.

Every time this dance occurs between the U.N. and North Korea I just can't help thinking of this spot on scene in "Team America: World Police".


Fetch the comfy chair! U.N. Security Council passes new toothless resolution (Michelle Malkin)

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