Friday, May 1, 2009

Libtard Jon Stewart: Truman a war criminal, 9/11's more preferable than torture

Liberal retard Jon Stewart opines that President Harry Truman is a war criminal for dropping two atomic bombs, which saved thousands upon thousands of not just American lives but Japanese lives as well, and that events like 9/11 are more preferable then waterboarding 3 scum-sucking homicidal terrorists. Isn't it good to know that Jon Stewart, and others like him, have Osama bin Laden's back.
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Here’s what I think of the atom bombs. I think if you dropped an atom bomb fifteen miles offshore and you said, "The next one’s coming and hitting you," then I would think it’s okay. To drop it on a city, and kill a hundred thousand people. Yeah. I think that’s criminal.
- Jon Stewart

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Chuck said...

Let's strap him to the nose cone of the next plane these bastards fly into a building if he's okay with it.

traderdc said...

Stewart is correct. The U.S. dropped bombs on Hiroshima on August 3rd 1945, and Nagasaki on August 6th - this is almost a month after a broke Japan suggested a conditional surrender. No lives were saved by these bombs - and dropping a second bomb 3 days after the first, when now declassified docs show the U.S. didn't think Japan would be able to officially surrender within a 5 day window was clearly criminal. Kill a bunch of Japanesse to send a message to the Russians...the war was over, Japan was broke and the naval blockade cut off all supplies.

stormin said...

@ Chuck ... yea, that should be Hannity's counter-offer to Olbermann. Keep your money, i'll endure waterboarding if Stewart will strap himself to the nose of the next hijacked plane.

@ traderdc ... first off, you've got your dates wrong. Hiroshima was on Aug. 6 and Nagasaki was on Aug. 9. Secondly, Stewart later apologized for his comments (big deal) and as far as i'm concerned you don't apologize if you think your right about something, so he must think he made a mistake. Thirdly, it's not Stewarts comments about Truman that have me so upset. It's Stewart's belief that he prefers another 9/11 rather then waterboarding an individual who has the information of one occuring in order to prevent it. that's what i find to be more outrageous. but even though you and i disagree on this subject i am more then happy that you took the time to stop by and comment. please come back again and post here more often.

Anonymous said...

ok. fuckers.

every once in a while there is a question (yes or no)
Was Truman a hero or a war-criminal ?
the turning point being bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear bomb.
Now lets no forget Dresden to fast but o.k. one thing at the time.
To save american lives and shortening the war is supposed to make him a hero.
...but then there is this fact that 150.000. died fast or slow. they had not been able to
have any effect on the war , they were ordinary folks. But for a warlord this is just
a side-fact. who cares if the enemy is put to a halt, there was no other way...!..?...or...
..or was it?
How about dropping the bomb on the sea close to those city's
or on any military important zones (was there any left?)???
just the fact that every major city was already on nightmarish fire should raise your
eyebrows. But the creepy fact that u.s.a. left Hiroshima and Nagasaki untouched for this
bombings will hunt americans if they care to think. Here comes the hard fact:
This was an experiment and the Japanese were like rats.
So if you are in doubt about Truman being a war criminal i thing you should try the following.
Light up a fire and but your arm over it , burn off your arm and if it hurts then multiply
this experience to your family and loved ones. No pain?
then open up an anthrax can in the middle of your home and wait 50 years for it to clear out your city.
If you get away with it then i am wrong and Harry was a hero.

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart FTW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

O and by the way the best way to have Japanese people is nuclear fried. said...

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