Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kim Jong Il serves a bowl of deep kimchi

Sometime after 11:00pm CDT news was breaking out of North Korea that Lil' Kim was declaring the 1953 Armistice that ended the shooting and fighting during the Korean War (but not the war itself) as being null and void and that North Korea was no longer bound by it's conditions. This was Kim's response to South Korea joining the U.S.-led PSI (Proliferation Security Initiative)and has threatened a military attack if any of it's ships are stopped and searched.

Could a nuclear-armed Japan be the answer. I'm not opposed to it but I'm certain that that option would be completely rejected by an overwhelming majority of the Japanese populace. Something about having two atomic bombs dropped on you kind of makes you skittish towards these type of things, but at some point you have to get over your fear and bad memories in order to fight fire with fire. Having nuclear weapons may be the only thing that saves you from being attacked again (and coerced by) with nuclear weapons.

Is President Obama taking this situation seriously, or is going to go and play another round of golf?


Chuck said...

Krauthammer is a smart man and it's likely the only real solution but it will never happen. Japan is understandably against nuclear weapons.

stormin said...

@ Chuck ... "Japan is understandably against nuclear weapons"agreed, but they have got to start getting over that. they have got to come to the realization that having nuclear weapons is the only thing that's going to save them.