Friday, May 8, 2009

Obama kicks Lt. Dan Choi out of the Army for being openly gay

Where's the OUTRAGE from the militant fascist gay-activist community on this? C'mon Perez Hilton. President Obama has just discharged an Army lieutenant for going on the air and coming out of the closet and admitting that he's gay. Where's your outrage? Where's your video blog calling President Obama a "dumb bitch". Where's your campaign to flood the White House switchboard with hate calls? Where's your email campaign directed to the White House in order to flood and shut down it's servers? C'mon militant fascist gay-rights advocates. Has your campaign to destroy Carrie Prejean worn you out that you have nothing left to say or do about this? Or are you just a bunch of hypocrites? Or is it that your more comfortable attacking a beauty pageant contestant who really can't do you any harm (in other words, your just a bunch of bullies) instead of going after a bigger kid on the block, the President of the United States.


barb said...

Will be interesting to see if RM..continues her slobbering lovefeast with the Obama team and his handlers. I can't stand to watch I will probably never know.

Flavor Country said...

Two things, he still wants to repeal don't ask don't tell, but knows there is not enough support in congress yet. Now if he said he did not want to repeal this he would hear it from some of those liberal gay groups.

Second yes Hilton and the other morons that went after this young woman are cowards.


stormin said...

@ barb ... i'm with you. i can barely handle seeing RM even in those short video clips. thanks for the comment.

@ Flavor C ... i'm really more upset about the hypocrisy of the gay-rights advocates on this one more then i am about Obama. i want to see some consistency to their anger by going after everybody who they disagree with, not just some beauty queen. as for Lt. Choi himself, i thank and salute him for his service to his country but he gave the military no choice but to discharge him for violating the UCMJ.