Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Obama White House: Play ball with us or we will destroy you ... pt. 2

Tom Lauria, the lawyer that is in the center of this White House/Chrysler controversy, sat down with Megyn Kelly on FOX News this morning to discuss the subject of whether or not he and the clients he represents were actually threatened by the Obama White House with personal destruction if they did not side with Obama on the White House's bankruptcy deal with Chrysler. All I have at the moment is the audio of this interview. I will post the video once it is available.

"If people keep pressing, the truth will come out".

Tom Lauria

Tom Lauria on Neil Cavuto's show yesterday.

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UPDATE: The threats have now been verified by another source.

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Chuck said...

I saw the interview this am. He all of a sudden couldn't discuss parts of it.