Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chris Matthews: "Torture" good, re-defining the meaning of "torture" bad

The extreme left-wing is now in a dilemma about the subject of "torture" since it has been learned that one of their very own, Nancy Pelosi, has been caught lying to the American people about what she knew about EIT's and when she knew it. For the record, she's not the only Democrat who knew what was going on and kept quiet about it. Chris Matthews last night now has to come out and say that of course "torture" is OK in emergencies, but what isn't OK is trying to re-define what the meaning of torture is. That's the crime.

Since we're on the subject of "torture" and Nancy Pelosi, Jon Stewart decided that even he's had enough of Ms. Pelosi and her lies.
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One more item on this subject. It appears that Sen. Chuck Schumer is both for and against "torture".

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