Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bill Maher finally figures liberals out

Christian-hating Bill Maher seems to have finally figured out the crowd that has been propping him up his entire career. On this mornings CNN's "Reliable Sources" w/Howard Kurtz, Bill Maher attacked his bread and butter audience as limousine liberals, super sensitive, too politically correct, and anti-free speech. What was it that brought this eye-opening revelation to Mr. Maher? He told an Obama joke! (GASP!)

(Relevant moment comes between 1.00m and 2.15m time frame)

HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: You have feasted for a long time on George Bush and Dick Cheney. We're in a new era now. On your program a while back, you told a joke about President Obama.


BILL MAHER, HBO: You know who's superstitious about Friday the 13th? Republicans. They say the country is having bad luck because we let a black cat in the White House.

KURTZ: Do you remember the audience reaction?

MAHER: Yeah. Well, they boo me a lot when I talk about Obama.

KURTZ: Why is that? What does that tell you?

MAHER: It tells me that we get a very supersensitive liberal audience. You know, I mean, this is one reason I always have trouble doing charity events. I'm all for charity, but the events -- you know, it's always that limousine liberal crowd that just has their finger on the politically correct button. You know, they're just ready to -- ooh. Yeah. That's what bugs me the most about liberals is that they just -- they object before they even know what they're objecting to.

KURTZ: Aren't these your people, Bill?

MAHER: No, not when they do that. I'm much more of a -- you know, I'm a free speech person. And I would say especially on campuses in the last 10 or 15 years, the repression of speech has come more from the left.

Well Bill, where you going to go now? You've never met a Christian you didn't hate. We conservatives can't stand you. You just insulted your core liberal Democrat audience. Who else is out there now to fill the seats in your studio at HBO? I don't expect this disagreement to last very long. I'm quite sure y'all will kiss and make up.

Maher Trashes Liberals: They Object Before They Know What They're Objecting To (NewsBusters)


Flavor Country said...

It's funny how conservative are posting this everywhere. He does this all the time on his show. He makes fun of his audience constantly.

This is nothing new. He talks about Pelosi and Barney Frank too.

You seem to forget, he is a comedian and not a political analyst.

Take Care

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... yea, but making fun of your audience and telling the truth about your audience is two different things. you take care also and happy Memorial Day.