Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obama's "It takes a thief" approach to tax reform

Now I can understand President Obama's strategy of nominating and confirming documented tax-cheats into his cabinet. After all, who better to catch a tax-cheat then to hire a tax-cheat into your administration. After giving one of the most hypocritical speeches of his Presidency, Obama named two of the most "un-patriotic" Americans in DC, Tim Geithner and Charles Rangel (D-NY) to help in solving the problem of people finding legal ways of keeping more of their own money.

Guess what President Obama? You may have the most qualified, expert, and knowledgeable administration in our nations history to find and root out people who are cheating on their taxes, BUT, your also the most un-qualified President and administration to be lecturing anybody on keeping more of their own money!

Does this man have any business at all in calling you a "tax-cheat"?

Just listen to the absolute hypocrisy of CNN and MSNBC.

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Chuck said...

This woman on MSNBC is stunning. I can't decide if this is just Obamania or if she really is that damned stupid. How can she possibly attack the GOP for siding with tax cheats when Obama has an administration full of them? Watching that really pissed me off.