Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jon Stewart goofs on Obama over abuse photos and Lt. Dan Choi

Just like the left wishes they had a Rush Limbaugh, I wish our side had a Jon Stewart. I hate to admit it but the man is good at what he does, I just wish he wasn't doing it too my side all the time. Like all political humor I can take a joke, as long as the jokes are being evenly distributed between right and left. Here's a rare moment where he takes a break from skewering the right in order to criticize President Obama for breaking his "transparency" promiseby not releasing the prisoner abuse photos and the discharge of Lt. Dan Choi.
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Jon Stewart is incorrect in his telling of the detainee abuse photos, naturally. He keeps wanting to tie the photos that were taken in Iraq at Abu Ghraib prison to the EIT's that were performed at Guantanamo Bay. These are two totally separate stories Jon. Quit trying to tie them together.

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Flavor Country said...

yeah Stewart is very good at what he does. I wish his show was an hour. a very good interviewer also when he gets serious.