Thursday, May 28, 2009

Canadian warns against Michael Moore's socialized healthcare Utopia

If your not going to take the word of the Republican party and conservatives about the pitfalls and failures of government-run socialized healthcare, then maybe you'll listen to the people who actually have to experience it everyday. Listen to the story told by Shona Holmes, who says that if it weren't for the healthcare that she received here in America, she wouldn't be alive today.

I'm quite sure there are thousands upon thousands of these kinds of stories from people in both Canada and Mexico who flee the Utopian paradise of socialized medicine to come here to America in order to get first-class privatized healthcare.

Here's another Canadians view of socialized medicine, with a bit of humor.


Flavor Country said...

When looking at this debate, you have to look at what the majority of the country says.


Also here is a look by a person who is American with Canadian health care who knows first hand.

Of course every system has it's drawbacks, but the majority of Canadians in every national recognized poll overwhelmingly show support and like for their health care system. So either they are idiots or it works.

You can bring a hundred Canadians on Fox who say their health care sucks, but then you have millions who disagree with them, who's right?

stormin1961 said...

my girlfriend who lives in Europe just told me yesterday that she's on a 3 month waiting list for a surgery. fortunately it's not anything serious. truth be known, anything that is controlled by the government sucks. our military is an excetion but even their healthcare is nothing to jump up and down about.

Flavor Country said...

Although Europe and Canada both have universal health care, the two don't work essentially the same. My ex lived in Europe also and complained about the wait time.

But how do you argue with the majority who say they are pleased with their health care in Canada?

Yes everything sucks that is run by the government, but so does everything run by greedy corporate execs who care only about bonuses and profit, while forcing doctors to kick people out and use inferior medication because their health care plan is not good enough.

Chuck said...

I'm a little dubious of the 91% figure, if for no other reason than 91% anything is almost unheard of in a poll. My suspicion is that most of the Candians that like their insurance are not the sick ones that have to wait for treatment. The argument though is academic. The reality is that our health care needs to be fixed. I am actually for Universal health care, just not one ran by the US government. There is not one program they run that is not completely screwed up and spends way too much on overhead. Personally I would like to see a government subsidy of private insurance. I'm of a mind that we could actually save money if we insured everyone.