Monday, May 4, 2009

The Democrat's have two spokesmen for "cancer awareness"

Candidate #1 for "cancer awareness" is former Presidential candidate and former Senator from North Carolina, John "Silky" Edwards (D-NC). It has been announced today that he will be investigated by Obama's federal government authorities (which means he'll probably get off) as to whether he funneled "hush money" to Rielle Hunter in order to keep her quiet about their secret romance, where she bore him a love child. Mr. Edwards was engaging in this extra-marital affair while his wife Elizabeth was battling terminal cancer back home.

Candidate #2 is Sen. Arlen "Cut and Run" Specter (D-PA) who claimed on "Face the Nation" yesterday that if the GOP would have only listened to him on the subject of cancer research funding that Jack Kemp would still be alive today.

Quite a coincidence about these two stories. Both these individuals are linked together by the connection of cancer in both their lives. And the other is that they both try to exploit the illnesses of others (Specter w/Kemp and Edwards w/Christopher Reeve) in order to justify their desire to be elected to office. It's like these two could play "7 Degrees of Separation" from each other.

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