Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stay classy liberals ... pt. 2

I guess if I was to go by former Clinton aide, now CNN commentator, Paul Begala, it would be OK for me to go around calling President Obama a "pothead" or "cokehead" because of his prior drug use too.

Here's Mr. Begala calling Rush Limbaugh a "corpulent drug addict", (twice), calling Sarah Palin "bitter" and "divisive", and getting in a shot at President Bush as being "spectacularly lazy".

I wonder if Begala is just being Rahm Emanuels puppet and echoing what he hears on their daily conference calls together.

Paul Begala: The real leader of the GOP is a “corpulent drug addict” (Hot Air)
Begala: Leader of GOP Is 'Corpulent Drug Addict' Rush Limbaugh (NewsBusters)


Flavor Country said...

Just like when Hannity was upset when no one was searching for Obama's drug dealer from the days he tried coke....right?

Or what about Limbaugh and the Magic Negro song on his show?

You think Limbaugh and Hannity are classy? It's all fair in war

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... i can't comment on Hannity because i never watch his show, but as for Limbaugh, he didn't call Obama a Magic Negro. A black liberal columnist for the LA Times called him that, so he just took a black liberals own words and ran with it. but as always, Limbaugh gets the blame for the using the phrase and not the actual perpetrator. enjoy the super bowl tonight!