Monday, February 23, 2009

Once again, Obama proves Bush was right

It appears that President Obama would fight the war on terror the exact same way President Bush did. First there was Obama's choice to keep the practice of rendition in his back pocket. Then last week Obama's own Pentagon confirmed that GITMO fell well within Geneva Convention standards. Now we find out that Obama loves Bush's domestic wiretapping surveillance program so much that he's fighting hard to protect secrets that this program obtained.


Flavor Country said...

1.He never spoke out on rendition.

2.Gitmo now is in humane conditions, we all know what is was like before.

3.What president has not protected his predecessor no matter what the party, it's the code.

He also is protecting Bush from the abuse of power issue also. He wants to move on. Nothing is changed. Gitmo will be shut down, Rendition will be used on a case by case.

Why can't you just give him a hat tip and say nice job this time?

Come on Stromin.....damn!

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... 1. Obama did speak out against rendition in that he spoke out against all kinds of torture. rendition is the surest guarantee of torture being practiced in that your sending suspects back to their own countries where you know for a fact that torture is employed. and by the way, he's now got Hillary telling the Chinese his going to look the other way to there human rights abuses because the importance of money is more important then how the Chinese treat their own people (real hope and change). 2. GITMO has always been humane, so much so that a lot of these detainees beg to remain there rather than be returned to there homeland. 3. hey, BIG CONGRATS, to President Obama for wanting to protect his predecessor, and for keeping some of the tools that GWB put in place for fighting terrorism. but you come across as a huge hypocrite and liar to your left-wing base when you crucified GWB on the campaign trail for employing these tactics and now your taking full advantage of them.