Monday, February 23, 2009

CNBC reporter responds to White House attack

Finally, a portion of the press (especially at NBC) are tired of Obama's bullying tactics.


Flavor Country said...

He just pissed he will be getting a tax increase because he makes over 250,000 a year.

You should see this guy's place here in Chicago.

He can care less about anybody but his own investments in Citigroup where he lost a bundle and whatever else he invested his cash.

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... and what's wrong with making over $250k? and what's wrong with living in a nice house if your making over $250k? perhaps it's President Obama who should work for a $1 a year. after all he lives in free public housing, all his meals are free, free public transportation, free public security. what does he need a salary for? he can live comfortably off of his book royalties.

Flavor Country said...

I did not say anything was wrong with making cash. I just said he's mad because he is gonna get taxed. I hope one day I fall in that category of getting taxed cause I make too much.

Santelli has made a living of a market speculation and companies downfall. He is the last one that should be complaining about getting the shaft.

stormin said...

i hope you make it into that $250k category too, but trust me Flavor, your not going to be the least bit happy about the government coming after you and wanting to take a hefty portion of your income just because you worked hard and played by the rules and overcame a lot of difficuties just to be succesful and now the government thinks of you as a target to come after just so that some lazy, irresponsible individual who doesn't want to work and doesn't want to live within their own means feels that YOU should pay for their bad decisions. it's not about BEING taxed more, it's about WHY your being taxed more.

Flavor Country said...

I am used to my money being taken away from me without my permission.

Social security and welfare and medicare we all pay for whether we want to or not.

If I were able to invest that money where I want it to go I would have been rich by now.

We will always be under some form of government control, I just rather have some more for myself.