Monday, February 2, 2009

President Obama to outsource his torture

In another example of what a bunch of complete hypocrites and phonies President Obama and liberal Democrats are, it is now being reported that Team O will continue the Bush administrations policy of rendition. That's where our forces turn over terrorists suspects that are captured over to their home countries who have no qualms in employing certain methods to extract vital information. So you see folks, even Democrats admit that torture works (and that they support it), they just don't want to be involved with doing it themselves.

Obama preserves renditions as counter-terrorism tool (LA Times)
Surprise! Obama expands renditions (Hot Air)
The Obama Administration on So-Called Torture… All Sham, No Wow (American Glob)
So THAT’S What They Plan To Do With Detainees! (Beltway Snark)

Oh, by the way, as I said before, even though President Obama is a complete hypocrite and phony for continuing this policy of rendition, I completely support him and give him two thumbs up on it.

Question to Obama: With the unemployment rate at 7%, do you really think it's a great idea to be sending such good American jobs overseas? I'm sure with times being as tough as they are you can find even a few squishy liberals who will do a little waterboarding, provided that it pays well.

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Chuck said...

Good point about the jobs. Whatever happened to buy American?