Saturday, February 7, 2009

Obama betrays the victims and families of the USS Cole

President Obama's decision to drop the charges agaisnt USS Cole mastermind Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri is a slap in the face to the victims and families of those who died, the U.S. Navy, and the entire country.

Families of USS Cole victims voice their displeasure at President Obama.

Obama withdraws charges against Nashiri, for now (Hot Air)
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Family of Cole Victim Refuses to Meet Obama (Counter Revolution)

BREAKING: Pakistan follows President Obama's lead.


Flavor Country said...

Not fair Stormin. Total number of detainees released from Bush administration 87. No trial no nothing.

Obama's team needs to go over files and bring strong cases. Imagine if one of these fuckers gets off on some technicality.

They have already reported that the files are in total disarray.

The injustice in this case is the fact that no justice has been brought the total eight years Bush was in office, how about that?

You guys would be all over Obama had he done that. What took so long? Also the rest of the families even the ones who did not vote for him have said they believe he will bring justice.

Fox news even reported that story

These guys are not being let go, but a strong close cut case is being built to convict and bring justice. At least he is attempting to tackle this ASAP and not wait two terms.

Chuck said...

We shouldn't be talking about any of this, leave the SOB's locked up. The sailors on the Cole didn't get a fair trial. To hell with the detainees. Flavor, can you in any way say that Obama letting these bastards go will make us safer?

Flavor Country said...

if this case is not presented properly yes they will get let go. There are still in custody and will remain until sentencing.

Like I said 70 detainees have been released under Bush Administration because of sloppy paperwork and because they could not mount a case against them. This is evident since justice had yet to be brought.

He knows if he fucks this up he is done for. Let them do their job.

A majority of true conservatives and high ranking military personnel agree that Gitmo should be closed.

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... of course it's totally fair to criticize Obama for this. after all, remember the grief GWB got from the left (i.e. Michael Moore, Farenheit 9/11) for letting family members of OBL leave the country 8 days after 9/11. they were completely vetted by the FBI and were found to have no involvement at all with him or the attacks. the left-leaning critics of this move felt these relatives of OBL should have been detained just because they had some sort of relation to him, like that's some sort of crime. in the case of the USS Cole mastermind we have the Obama administration saying perhaps or maybe we'll bring charges against him at a later time. here's another interesting point about this case from Hot Air:

"This decision puts Nashiri into the very status to which Obama and the Left objected so strenuously: held without charge. That was the status that Congress and the Bush administration worked hard to change twice in passing legislation that established the military tribunal system. The last time, in 2007, Democrats joined Republicans in creating a system with more safeguards for defendants than our own military personnel get under the UCMJ, complete with access to the federal court system on appeal."

@ Chuck ... i agree. let 'em sit there and rot. truth is, there being treated better in Gitmo then those living in poverty here.

Flavor Country said...

Stormin' if the man walks free with no charges have at Obama. Until then why not reserve judgment.

Dropping the charges to build a case is nothing new. This man should have been prosecuted long before Obama even took his oath.