Thursday, February 19, 2009

Black civil rights leader scolds Eric Holder

A black President, a black attorney general, two black secretaries of state (one of which was the first black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), a black chairman of the Republican party, and yet Eric Holder still thinks America hasn't progressed a bit on racial issues.

Pat Buchanan and Prof. M.E. Dyson debate Eric Holder's comments


Flavor Country said...

He was not trying to say we haven't progressed with race only that some of us are still scared to approach the race issue.

Race is one of those subject people don't have face to face with each other. We blog about it but won't talk face to face.

People are so afraid to offend people of other races it's ridiculous, it's because we don't communicate enough.

I think using the word coward was extremely stupid though. he could have worded better.

Chuck said...

I agree with Flavor. I think though that we are a long way from having this discussion because none of the sides are willing to look at the issue honestly.