Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shock of the day: Obama nominates a third tax-cheat

Turns out President Obama is learning every single day how nobody in his party pays there taxes. Nancy Killefer, nominated to be Obama's Chief Performance Officer, has withdrawn her nomination for this post once it was discovered that she too has not paid her taxes.

If I were Tim Geithner I think that I would order the IRS to launch an immediate audit on every single registered Democrat in order to recover perhaps trillions of dollars in unpaid taxes and then we would be out of this recession overnight.

Obama nominee withdraws over tax issue (MSNBC)
How Killefer Hurts Daschle (Washington Post)
Citing Tax Troubles, an Obama Appointee Withdraws (NY Times)
Performance Czar Killefer Withdraws Candidacy (WSJ Online)


Flavor Country said...

I'm glad both these people dropped out of consideration.

With all the money they make I don't understand why they can't pay taxes.

All these politicians take all these freebies and everything else and when they get caught it's I'm sorry.

I wish we can do the same.

Chuck said...

He needs to follow up this act with a lobbyist who has not paid their taxes. That way he can break all of his promises with one person.

Personally I think this is why he keeps nominating Republican's. It at least gives him someone who has paid their taxes.

stormin said...

@ FC ... your so right. there's no such thing as "forgetting" to pay your taxes. it's the one thing your reminded of on a daily basis while watching TV from Jan 1 to Apr 15

@ Chuck ... i thought Daschle was a lobbiest at one time. i also thought that his wife was a huge lobbiest also.

Chuck said...

Actually they believe they dodged that bullet because he was never registered as a lobbyist