Thursday, February 26, 2009

Smarter then Bush? ... pt. 4

Joe Biden proves each and every day that he's probably the biggest moron in Washington DC. On the CBS Morning Show he can't remember the name of his administrations own stimulus recovery website. He even asked some staffer off-camera what the websites number is, like it's something you dial-up on a telephone. It seems rather hypocritical for an administration that ridiculed Sen. McCain for his lack of computer skills to have a Vice President that doesn't even understand the Internet.

Here is Joe Biden getting caught in an outright lie during that same interview in claiming that 400 people a day are losing there jobs in Gov. Jindal's state of Louisiana.


Chuck said...

Problem with all of this is it's getting hard to decide if it's idiocy or lying. A lot of Dems have decided they can dispense with the truth because the MSM will not call them on it.

stormin said...

@ Chuck ... well whatever it is i only wish that the MSM would be more fair about how they report on the politicians in each party. i get so sick and tired of the MSM media telling me how all the people in my party are just dumb, stupid, or lazy. Dan Quayle never acted this dumb in his entire political career and yet Joe Biden makes him look like Eienstein.