Saturday, February 21, 2009

A real breakdown of Obama's stimulus bill

On the week that the messiah signed his economic stimulus bill into law, which was intended to raise our dead economy from the grave, Wall St. responded by taking a turn for the worse and dropping another 485 points. Now I'm sure that the die-hard Obama fans will say that if the chosen one had not signed it then the Dow would probably have sank even more, like 800 or 900 points. Truth is, the market hates this bill for all the reasons in this video.

(ALERT: A lot of information to digest so be prepared to hit the pause button a lot)


Flavor Country said...

Bottom line only time will tell if the stimulus worked or not. All these so called experts are just that so-called on both sides.

We know the effects won't happen overnight, and since it won't conservatives will continue to blame this as a failure.

No one has a real solution right now, everyone who got us into this mess is still in charge, republican, democrat, Wall Street and the banks, nothing change, just a different person gets to make the decisions.

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... my main criticism of President Obama is that he's not living up to the hype that he and media portrayed to the American public. where's this man who campaigned on having the greatest judgement of any other democrat presidential nominee? where's this man who claimed he could heal the planet and lower the rising seas? where's this man who allowed himself to be portrayed as a "messiah"? we've been told over and over and over that just his mere presence in the White House would make the world better. where is it? i of course never believed it. but millions of people who voted for him did. don't you think that he's letting those people down.

Flavor Country said...


Although the conservative media has given him the title of Messiah, there is only one man who has that title, Jesus.

It has been one month! We have not even seen if anything he is trying to do will work. Why not reserve judgment.

Remember I voted for Bush and I did not criticize the man until he did some things or allowed to happen in this country, but I reserved judgment.

You don't watch a football game where your team is losing 7-0 and say it's over these guys suck, do you? Let'em at least get to halftime.

Take Care said...

The writer is totally right, and there is no skepticism.