Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smarter then Bush?

Can I ask y'all a simple question? How would the media report President Bush having to turn and ask an aide a question about what is in his own executive order? Plus, how would they treat President Bush if he didn't even know how many executive orders he's about to sign, and had to keep being corrected by another aide about the number of orders he's about to sign? Don't you think he would be called the most clueless and idiotic President in our nations history? And yet this very thing happened last week when President Obama signed four executive orders. During the signing of the first and third executive order he had to turn to Greg Craig and ask him a question about his own order and what's in them, and after signing the second order he had to be corrected by another aide as to exact number of orders he is going to be signing. Apparently the media thought he was only signing one order and was turning out the lights and getting ready to pack up and leave before they were told that there was more to come. President Obama even sounds a little lost in trying to explain to the press what it is he's signing.

Don't you think the mainstream media would have a field day if this were President Bush? "President Bush asks White House Counsel what he's signing", or "President Bush unsure of how many executive orders he's signing"

Here's something else that might make you sleep better at night concerning the intelligence of our new administration.

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Miss T.C. Shore said...

That happens when you don't have a teleprompter.