Thursday, January 29, 2009

Video: President Bush warns Congress of looming financial disaster

Was Barney Frank (D-MA) up to his neck in Fannie? (Mae that is)

If you need more evidence to the fact that this whole financial mess is the direct result of liberal Democrat social engineering policies, then please check this video out. Still not convinced? OK, how about this video of Democrats chewing out a regulator of Fannie and Freddie over the news of the impending disaster of our financial markets. What!!! Your still your not convinced that this is an entirely Democrat screw-up? OK, here's one more video to prove my point.

Barney Frank on Fannie Mae? (One Citizen Speaking)

So go ahead liberal Democrats and blame President Bush all you want, because the evidence of who's really to blame suggest otherwise.


Flavor Country said...

Yep absolutely let's fix it.

Bush will get blamed no matter what. If it happens on your watch you go down with the ship.

You know if a democrat was president at the time you and the GOP would have been ripping him or her a new one....that's how it works.

This all did not happen in the past two years that Congress was democrat controlled, all those politicians in both parties have a hand in this shit. Did you see they gave themselves a raise today?

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... i agree that we do need to fix it, but i am highly skeptical that it can be fixed by the very people who caused it, especially when they benefited so well from it politically.

Flavor Country said...

Tell me what you think, I know you like Asians.

stormin said...

@ FC ... yea, she's pretty hot. thanks for sharing.

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