Monday, January 5, 2009

Obama's first transition team casualty ... another pay-to-play scandal

Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) turns out to be Obama's first transition team casualty as he steps down due to a federal investigation on a possible pay-to-play scheme, (which was on-going when he was nominated as the Commerce Secretary), is being conducted against him. The Democrat party has been having this problem of finding members within their own party who aren't tainted with some sort of sleaze. This happened to Bill Clinton when his nominee for attorney general, Zoe Baird, was found out to be employing illegal immigrants as her children's nanny in order to skip out on paying social security taxes. It then happened again to Clinton's second choice for AG, Kimba Wood. Judge Wood was discovered to have committed no crime in her hiring of an illegal immigrant, but she decided to withdraw her nomination in order to not stir up the illegal alien controversy again.

Two video reports:

Team Obama: Richardson misled us (Hot Air)
Obama Team Feels Richardson Wasn't Forthcoming About Investigation Before Being Offered Commerce (ABC News)
GMA Manages Not To Mention Why Richardson Went (NewsBusters)

We're still waiting for any fallout from the Obama/Blagojevich scandal.

The next pay for play scandal? (Hot Air)


Chuck said...

I always thought he was too smug. Didn't care much for him.

stormin said...

@ Chuck ... he was also in charge of the Dept of Energy when there was some huge theft of classified documents by the Chinese at Los Alamos Nuclear Lab. That's really what he should be investigated for.